Free Lottery Number Generator

free lottery number generator

Need some quick and easy lottery numbers? Use our online free lottery number generator. Great for just you or your lottery syndicate.

Just enter the details for your lottery game below, and how many sets of numbers you want and Generate Numbers. Easy eh?

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How To Work The Lottery Number Generator

Generating lottery numbers is pretty simple. And it's fast too. So if you just need a few lines for yourself, or if you need 50 lines for your syndicate our free lottery number generator is a snip.

Here's how it works:-

  1. Set the minimum and maximum ball numbers for your game, e.g. 1 and 49
  2. Set the number of balls that are drawn from the machine, e.g. 6
  3. Pick how many sets of numbers you want the generator to create, e.g. 10
  4. Click the Generate Numbers button
  5. Copy the numbers from the 'Your Numbers' box

Numbers are output comma seperated and with a line feed between sets of numbers. Which makes them easy to copy and paste into a spreadsheet or wherever else you need them to go.

If you have any question about this tool, or suggestions for improving it, please do get in touch.

Disclaimer: Our free lottery number generator is provided as is, we don't provide any guarantees or warranty as to the degree of randomness or the uniqueness of individual rows of numbers generated.