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Launched in 2002, we are the original and still the best source of online syndicate information.

The world of syndicates is an ever changing one. The smaller one-man band ones tend to come and go fairly rapidly, with few standing the test of time. It's a tough job with little thanks, just ask any syndicate manager!

The larger more commercial syndicates do tend to stick around a lot longer. But new ones do appear all the time, and the existing ones launch groups playing new or different lottery games.

So there is usually plenty going on.

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We are also a trusted source for lottery players generally. You can find answers to many typical lottery questions, where you can also submit your own question for a honest unbiased answer.

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There is also plenty of lottery information and advice - including lottery tips and tricks, information about your chances of winning the lottery, and some detailed advice for those starting a lottery syndicate.

We also provide more general lottery news from our lottery blog.

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Syndicate Reviews

If you run a syndicate that we haven't yet reviewed, you can submit your syndicate for review.

It is interesting to hear about syndicates in the planning stages, and we can often help with guidance at this point too. But obviously we can't provide a full review of a syndicate until it is actively running.

Lottery Products / Software / Books / Authors

We are always pleased to hear about new lottery related products or services that our users may find of interest. But please bear in mind we have very little time for people who think they have found a secret system to beat the lottery, or invented a new Excel spreadsheet that can predict lottery numbers.

So long as that doesn't apply we would love to hear from you, and you can contact us here.

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