Australian Lottery Syndicates

If you're going to play the Australian Lottery in a syndicate, you want to make sure you get the best bang for your bucks. But sadly lottery syndicates seem very rare in Australia itself.

The Reviews

RatingClick For ReviewSummary
Australian Lottery Syndicates
4h stars
LottoLand Syndicates LottoLand has been taking the UK by storm. And now they have some impressive syndicates to choose from too. You can play 4 Australian games in one syndicate.
3 stars
Algmo Review A decent syndicate offering for the Aussie, but a shame about that application process.
2 stars
WinTrillions OzLotto Syndicate Easy to play, but very expensive OzLotto option. Only use for 'one-off' occasions to play special draws.
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The Australian Lottery


There are five lottery corporations that cover Australia as a whole. They share prize pools for bigger jackpot prizes across the main games - these being TattsLotto, Oz Lotto and the Australian Powerball.

But each corporation also runs games available to that region only too.

Australians love their lottery games in general, with around 6.8 million Aussies playing regularly - almost a third of the population.

Oz Lotto (or Oz 7 Lotto / Super 7's Oz Lotto)

OzLotto is a weekly Tuesday night draw with Jackpots often in the region of $2-$3 Million, but sometimes reaching as much as $10 Million (but can go even higher). When there are no Division 1 winners it 'jackpots' (or 'rolls over') to the next draw.

In this game there are 45 balls, numbered 1 to 45, from which nine selections in total are made. The first seven are 'winning numbers', and the next two 'supplementary numbers'. It costs $1.30 per play.

Oz Lotto Prizes & Odds

Prize divisionWhat you need to win:Odds of winning:
Oz Lotto Odds & Prizes
Division OneAll 7 winning numbers1 in 45.379 million
Division TwoAny 6 winning numbers + supplementary number1 in 3.241 million
Division ThreeAny 6 winning numbers1 in 180,078
Division FourAny 5 winning numbers + supplementary number1 in 29,602
Division FiveAny 5 winning numbers1 in 3,430
Division SixAny 4 winning numbers1 in 154
Division SevenAny 3 winning numbers + supplementary number1 in 87

TattsLotto (or Saturday Lotto)

TattsLotto is a weekly Saturday night draw offering a guaranteed jackpot of $4 Million - with occasional 'Superdraw' events providing jackpots up to $20 Million. (Note: this is also basically the same game as the 'Gold Lotto' played in Queensland)

There are 45 balls, numbered 1 to 45, from which 8 selections are drawn. The first six are 'winning numbers', and the next two 'supplementary numbers'. An Australian Lottery player picks 6 numbers, and winning combinations are split over 6 'divisions':

Saturday Lotto Prizes & Odds

Prize divisionWhat you need to win:Odds of winning:
TattsLotto Odds & Prizes
Division OneAll 6 winning numbers1 in 8.145 million
Division TwoAny 5 winning numbers + one or both supplementary numbers1 in 678,755
Division ThreeAny 5 winning numbers1 in 36,690
Division FourAny 4 winning numbers1 in 733
Division FiveAny 3 winning numbers + one or both supplementary numbers1 in 297
Division SixAny 1 or 2 winning numbers plus both supplementary numbers1 in 144

Australian Powerball

The Powerball is the most popular Australian Lottery game, not surprisingly given the large prize pool available. There is a guaranteed Division One prize pool of at least $3 Million every Thursday night, but jackpots can reach as high as $50 Million.

The draw consists of 35 balls numbered 1 to 35, from which 7 are selected. A 7th ball is then drawn from a separate machine with a separate selection of balls numbered 1 to 20. Players pick 7 numbers, plus a further number for the Powerball.

2018 Powerball Changes

The game structure was changed in April 2018. Previously players picked 6 numbers from 40 instead of 7 from 35. This actually made the game significantly harder to win the jackpot, as the odds lengthened from 1 in 76.7 million to 1 in 134 million.

Powerball Prizes & Odds

Prizes are awarded according to 9 'divisions':

Prize divisionWhat you need to win:Odds of winning:
Australian Powerball Odds & Prizes
Division OneAll 7 winning numbers + the Powerball1 in 134,490,400
Division TwoAny 7 winning numbers1 in 7,078,443
Division ThreeAny 6 winning numbers + the Powerball1 in 686,176
Division FourAny 6 winning numbers1 in 36,115
Division FiveAny 5 winning numbers + the Powerball1 in 16,943
Division SixAny 4 winning numbers + the Powerball1 in 1,173
Division SevenAny 5 winning numbers1 in 892
Division EightAny 3 winning numbers + the Powerball1 in 188
Division NineAny 2 winning numbers + the Powerball1 in 66

Australian Lottery News

17 Aug 2018: After a record breaking 2 month run of rollovers a $100 Million jackpot has been split between two players (from Sydney and Melbourne).
1 Apr 2018: Australian Powerball game structure changes to a game of 7 from 35 plus 1 from 20.
28 Oct 2017: It's a Superdraw special for the Saturday Lotto - a guaranteed $21 Million Division One prize.
16 Jul 2017: Oz Lotto grows to an impressive $50 Million Division One prize.
12 May 2017: An unemployed man from Sydney walks away with a $50 Million payout.
5 Jan 2017: A Queensland based syndicate wins the $55 Million Powerball jackpot. Each winner receives $2.62 Million.
3 Sep 2016: It's Superdraw time for the Saturday Lotto game with another $21 Million jackpot up for grabs.
10 Nov 2015: That record jackpot is looking at risk of being beaten - as Powerball rolls over to reach $70 Million.
30 Oct 2014: It's Superdraw time once again. This Saturday's Oz Lotto will be $21 Million.
30 Jul 2009: The Aussie record jackpot smashed with 2 players sharing an $80 Million on Powerball.
30 May 2008: Australian Powerball Jackpot Largest Ever
1 Jul 2004: Watch our for this Australian lottery scam

Closed Syndicates (for reference only):

RatingClick For ReviewSummary
Closed Australian Syndicates
4 stars
'TSC2000 Europe' Review A professional Australian syndicate, with a good balance of entries and players.