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Review of 'Group Play'

The 'Group Play' syndicates play the CA Superlotto, FLA Lotto, MegaMillions and Powerball. Each game comes under separate lottery groups, so you can pick and choose the ones you want to play.

Group Play syndicates

Group Play insist you must be a US resident to play with them - so if you're not in the USA, this is not the syndicate for you.

Registering as a member is free, and you then need to add to your balance before you can join one of the groups. Payment is via PayPal only.

Winnings are shared equally across all players in that group, and balances can be withdrawn subject to a $5 service fee - which is reasonable.

Note: Group Play is the same group lotto company as WinZillions. Logins work on both sites and the two sites are identical except for the names being swapped around. Why? No idea!

Actual lottery groups start once full, so you may have a waiting period before your group gets underway - check with the operators first for an idea of how long this might be. You can join multiple times yourself.

Number selection is at random by computer. Tickets bought are then scanned and can be viewed online by members.

The odd thing about GroupPlay however is the size of some groups, and the fact they run so briefly. For example, one CA Superlotto group is 10 members sharing 10 tickets per draw for just 3 draws. It only costs $5 but I can't help thinking it would be better to have groups running all year round rather than for just 2 or 3 draws?

None of the groups currently listed were full and actually running - although to be fair, due to the short runs it is possible they could fill up every few days or weeks or... ask first if this is of concern.

This isn't a bad looking syndicate, if you fancy a once in a while punt. But I can't help thinking though that you would be better off with a group that does consistent regular weekly entries. Then, once you start playing you know you are 'in' every week.

3 stars

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Latest News:-

2 Nov 2009 This site now totally unavailable, and their WinZillions 'sister site' hasn't been updated in a long time. Assumed closed.
03 Jun 2009 Link temporarily disabled as Google was reporting their site as 'potentially harmful'.

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