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'Heron Aerospace Lottery Pool' Review

Here we have a lottery pool run by a rather unusual organiser, Heron Aerospace. They specialise in the development of cheap ways to transport stuff into space - and if you play their pool you help support the development projects!

Heron Aerospace

The number of players per pool is limited to a maximum of 100. But although it is not clear how many members are currently playing, the pool is running now so you don't have to wait for the next one to fill up to start playing. The company itself will take a share in each group formed.

What About Winnings?

Winnings are split equally between all players, and there is no minimum amount if you want to withdraw your winnings. There is just a $1 charge if you want to claim less than $10 - otherwise no charge for withdrawal.

Alternatively you can use your winnings for playing in the pool. Players are notified by email of the results of their group.


You can choose your own numbers to contribute to the overall set of numbers, or just let the company do 'Quick Picks' for you. And you can have as many shares in the pool as you wish. Each share is an equal share of the winnings of course.

The cost is fairly low at $2.25 for a Quick Pick selection of numbers, plus $1 per week for ticket costs (no major profiteering here!). And there's no shortage of payment options - they include standard credit cards, PayPal, egold and more.

Unfortunately a side effect of the low cost appears to be somewhat less than solid admin. And the joining and members area side is far from slick.


Overall a little unusual given the promoter, but an interesting cause and a low cost option. Admin could be a lot better, but if you really want to play the Powerball it's worth taking a look. And maybe striking up a conversation with the organisers before joining.

2 stars

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This has now closed, sadly with no explanation given.

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