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Review of 'Virtual Lottery Pool'

Virtual Lottery Pool is based in Pennsylvania and plays the US Powerball lottery. And in the spirit of lottery enthusiasts, it is run for a share of the jackpot.

virtual lottery pool

In other words there are no administrative charges at all. No charge for admin, no charge for paying out winnings and no charge deducted from winnings.

So the cost is very low. This is a blessing so long as the promoter remains motivated enough to continue running the syndicate without gaining a direct income from it.

How Does It Work

Each player covers the cost of 1 ticket per draw in the Powerball lottery. This is combined with all other members tickets and the winnings shared equally.

There is no limit to the overall group size, which is fine for now as the group is currently small. This would eventually be a problem if too many members joined, but there will be an option later to opt for a smaller group or remain in the larger group.

Group size will need to be larger than some lotteries given the odds of a 1 in 120 million chance of the jackpot.

Be aware though that this pool is only open to US residents. (If you are not in the US you need to look elsewhere).


Payment can be made by check or PayPal, and subscriptions are for a year in advance, so with two Powerball draws per week, that's $104 to play. Remember, no extra charges here.

Tickets are scanned and available to view in the online members area before each draw. And the numbers selected are all generated via 'Quick Pick' selections. Which is pretty much as good as any other number selection method.

Smaller prizes (those below $600) are accumulated. They can then be used to offset later membership fees, or paid out on request.


So overall a nice straightforward syndicate with no charges. My only reservations lie in the chosen game (as Powerball odds are very tough indeed), and that no charges can sometimes lead to lack of interest on the organisers behalf.

But if Powerball is your game of choice, this Pennsylvania based syndicate is worth taking a look at.

4 stars

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LATEST NEWS: Virtual Lottery Pool has now closed, citing reasons of not being able to generate enough members to continue. Click here for the top alternatives.

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