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Review of 'UK Lottery Pools Group'

The UK Lottery Pools Group is one of the cheapest commercial UK lottery syndicates to access, although not the most professional in appearance.

It provides 3 different Groups, with Group 1 entering 28 lines, Group 2 - 84 lines and Group 3 - 210 lines. The numbers of lines come from wheeling sets of 8, 9 and 10 numbers.

Unfortunately the operator has fallen for the myth that wheeling lottery numbers increases chances of winning - wheeling itself does not, only more entries can achieve that! But no harm is done as it will make checking results easier than for random entries.

You can join as many of the actual lottery pools as you like, and hold as many shares as you like, up to the limit of a third of the total lines in each. Groups do not start until full though so you will experience an unknown delay before the group starts. I'd suggest asking first if you want a rough idea of how long before you will be able to play.

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Each share costs £1 - effectively buying one of the lines played. So Group 1 could have 28 members paying £1 each to buy a total of 28 lines per week. You'll note that this does not allow for any admin costs of running the syndicate. Admin costs are semi-fixed and very transparent which is commendable - and are charged at £3 per 4 weeks, i.e. 75p a week. This is for each block of 10 shares. It is clear these lottery pools are run by a company of any size, but this does allow for very low overheads giving low running costs. Of course, with this semi-fixed cost approach, the more shares you buy the better the value overall.

So a share in each group would cost a very reasonable total of £15 for 4 weeks of UK lottery. Even one share provides pretty good value.

Members are accepted from around the world, but payment must be in UK pounds.

Prize money is issued by cheque on reaching a balance of £100, but although this helps keep costs low, we do feel this is too high. Winnings are allocated according to the number of shares bought and are not subject to any deductions. Payment is either monthly by standing order or quarterly by cheque. Application forms can be printed from the site.

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Looks like this one has quietly closed now.

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