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The eLottery Syndicate Review


Now the largest UK lottery syndicate in the UK, the Virtual World Direct (VWD) eLottery Syndicate provides 88 lines per week on the UK Lotto for £5.

In fact, it is really a 'collection' of syndicates as every 49 members are a group, with their own set of numbers for each UK Lotto main draw. Each group is allocated a unique set of 5 numbers - which together with every possible 6th number - are entered into every Wednesday and Saturday draw. The result is 88 chances of winning per week, and if you match your 5 you hit the jackpot. The 6th ball is guaranteed.

The e-Lottery Syndicate is not the cheapest UK Lotto syndicate, but you do get the peace of mind of a professional and reliable company. The overheads of staff and premises are always going to cost more than 'Bob in Accounts with his Excel lottery spreadsheet' (although you can do some pretty nifty things with a lottery spreadsheet!). You can see these guys are professional with a full team of permanent staff at the elottery offices.

So at £5 per week this is set at a very reasonable level - only marginally more than the average person spends per week on the UK Lotto anyway. But that's it, no other fees or hidden charges. It's good to see honest clear pricing.

You can pay an optional one-off £20 for a 'Reserve Fund' if you wish (this is only used for 'just in case' cover should a payment be late for any reason, so you never miss an entry). It's a comfort factor, but entirely optional and fully refundable.

So the bottom line is just £5 to play and you stop whenever you want.

So What Do We Think?

Simply, it's the best lottery syndicate available! We are happy to be members of this one. It's your future results that count so don't get bogged down in the numbers, but we have had 66 wins so far in 80 weeks. That's not a bad rate - I can't remember the last time a friends 'pound a week' office syndicate managed even a £10 prize! We haven't hit a big prize yet, but it's nice to be collecting plenty of small prizes while you wait.

eLottery Syndicate have had a number of big wins now. One of which was for £139,380.00, the UK national lottery winners were reported in the Daily Mail.

All of the eLottery Syndicate facilities are available in the online Members Area, so you can easily change address details or change which lotteries you play in (you can also play EuroMillions). Virtual World Direct send emails shortly after every draw to tell you when you win (picking up email on Wednesday and Saturday has become much more interesting as a result!), but you can also log in and check your results if you can't wait.

Look out for the 'e-Lottery Movie' when you visit the site, it explains nice and clearly how the syndicate works, and is worth spending a couple of minutes watching so you quickly get the hang of things.

So in conclusion, if you only ever join one syndicate, make it this one!

4.5 stars

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(11 Dec 2010) eLottery has now closed. The reasons why are not entirely clear.
(02 Feb 2011) Refunds have been issued for outstanding winnings.
(23 Feb 2011) More detail on why e-lottery closed down.

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