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What Are The Most Common Lottery Numbers?

People tend to pick lottery numbers following patterns. But do lottery draws follow a pattern? And what are the most common lottery numbers?

We are all creatures of habit, and very easily led! Just ask Derren Brown (or any other 'mentalist', stage magician or illusionist).

When it comes to picking lottery numbers we tend to get very superstitious or just plain predictable. And for that reason the most common lottery numbers picked tend to fall into the same pool of numbers.

Now superstition varies from country to country, so whilst number 7 or 11 may be considered 'lucky' in some parts of the world, that's not universally true. Number 8 is considered lucky in China. Number 13 is widely considered unlucky, except in Judaism where it's a lucky number!

But the fact is these types of numbers are most commonly picked when playing the lottery:-

  • numbers traditionally considered 'lucky'
  • dates, particularly birth dates of family members or other anniversaries
  • number sequences, or other multiples or patterns of numbers
  • shapes such as squares or stars on the playslip
  • previous winning numbers

Dates are particularly popular making the 1-30 range commonly picked, with 1-12 even more common as people often choose day and month of their significant date. Add in lucky number 7 and 11 to those, and it's easy to see why 1-12 is the most common range of lottery numbers of all.

Lucky numbers are of course nonsense when it comes to drawing ping pong balls out of a lottery machine. Because every ball has exactly the same chance of being pulled out. They don't leave out number 13 because it's bad luck ;-)

But you should still care about what numbers are lucky or popular, and therefore are the most common...

Why Care About NOT Playing The Most Common Lottery Numbers?

Sharing is a nice thing to teach your children. But sharing too many ways makes for a very small slice of your birthday cake...

And that's how lottery jackpots work for nearly every lottery game the world over. They are shared between ALL those winners matching all the numbers.

So if a full set of the most common winning lottery numbers are drawn, you could find yourself with a very small slice of the jackpot if you were one of them. Sharing between hundreds of other winners is not quite so much fun. And it does happen.

You might argue it's better to share with multiple winners than not win at all. But I'd much rather play less common lottery numbers and win the week after you when it's just me or my syndicate group claiming the jackpot :-). (We're not against sharing, after all, we are lottery syndicate experts!)

The UNpopular Strategy

Lots of people pick certain numbers. If you pick those too, your jackpot share can shrink dramatically.

So it makes sense to try and avoid those numbers, by picking unpopular numbers instead!

It won't make you more or less likely to win. It won't guarantee you don't share with other winners (lots of people play quick picks too).

But it will make you (or your syndicate) far more likely to be the sole jackpot winner when your numbers do come up.

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