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Picking Lottery Numbers

I can't give you the winning numbers for next draw, but here's the best tip there is when picking lottery numbers.

Picking winning lottery numbers is a science. It DOES have something to do with what happened in previous draws, hot and cold numbers, and lots of other mystical mumbo jumbo. But NOT in the way you might be thinking!

Every lottery draw is a unique event. What happened last draw or any other draw has no effect at all on the next draw. The machine doesn't remember what happened before. Neither do the lottery balls. That's what makes it a lottery - the organisers employ very expensive people to make sure that every draw is totally random.

I promise you, overpriced software that analyses years of results to pick lotto numbers, or fancy 'systems' and expensive services will do nothing to increase your CHANCES of winning. Only more entries can do that - which is why I say play in a syndicate!

But what you can do by picking lottery numbers intelligently, is increase the AMOUNT you win when your numbers do come up. If you're picking winning lotto numbers, you want to be picking lottery numbers that nobody else is picking! That sounded like a tongue twister - but do remember it next time you're filling in your playslip...

History has repeatedly shown some very disappointed jackpot winners. They were thrilled to win until they found out they were sharing the mega millions with a thousand other jackpot winners who all picked the same lucky numbers!

There are lots of ways of picking lottery numbers in a more intelligent way - you just have to think how other people pick their numbers, or even how you may have picked numbers in the past. And don't pick numbers the same way!

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