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Review of 'YoYo Lotto'

yoyo lotto review

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the awful Xzotto Lotto, perhaps YoYo Lotto can rise like a glorious phoenix having learnt from the mistakes of the past.

Or not.

Sadly YoYo Lotto makes exactly the same monster mistake as Xzotto. It claims to be a lotto pool, but offers none of the benefits!

In short, you pay $50 per month. And get a single ticket in each California, New York Lottery and Mega Millions draw. OK, I know what you're thinking. You could buy those tickets for less than half that much, right?

Oh, it's worse than that.

You only get to keep half of what you win!

Why On Earth Would Anyone Join YoYo Lotto?

Now I know you could get exactly the same benefit by buying your own tickets, throwing away $30 each month and giving half of your winnings to random strangers. But bear with me.

The idea is, you are supposed to go out and sell this idea to lots of other people. So they too can throw away $30 every month and give away half their winnings.

But here's the killer benefit - you get 10% of their winnings, and $20 of the $30 they are throwing away. Great. I'm sure they will really thank you for that.

In Conclusion

YoYo Lotto is quite likely one of the worst ways there is to play the lottery. You don't get a better chance of winning, which is the whole point of joining a lotto pool. Unless you are willing to convince lots of other people to throw away $30 a month just so you benefit.

0.5 stars

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(06/12/2011) YoYo Lotto appears to have closed down. Today there is just a big yellow 'under construction' sign on the site, with no further information.

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